Hacker is a project that involves hacking a typographic system. A hacker exploits a weakness in a system and it is our role to create either an intervention or to re-purpose an already existing typographic system or structure via the language and medium of typography. My chosen system is emojis in social media.
Objective of Outcome​​​​​​​: Are emojis substituting our emotional intelligence? This carefully crafted deck of cards mocks millennial’s reliance on 2-dimensional, 8-tone graphics - emojis - to express their feelings. Emojis are the emotional Esperanto of digital life. I mock the over-usage of emojis by taking them out of their usual digital social network (whatsapp, twitter, etc.) and placing them into the real world as playing cards. Conventionality trumps emojis. Millennials pulling out the card that best describes their emotion becomes the jack (ass).

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